Micro-Concerto for Lyricon & Three Duets (2003)
viola & shakuhachi (or violin), flute & bass clarinet I, bass clarinet II & cello, lyricon solo

At the International Music Omi Summer Residency 2003, which I had the great pleasure to participate in, I met Dutch reedist Jorrit Dijkstra who introduced me to his special instrument, the Lyricon.
The Lyricon is an analogue sythesizer, invented by Bill Bernardi in 1975, which is controlled by a clarinet-like wind instrument unit. Its tonal and dynamic ranges are extremely wide, and the colors of the very sensitive synthesizer responding to the human breath, including the full range of articulation in usual clarinet techniques, were very fascinating and led to the conception of this piece.
The unusual original instrumentation, including a shakuhachi, was inspired by the unusaul bunch of people who came to work together at Music Omi. An alternative version, with a violin replacing the shakuhachi, was arranged later.
Jorrit and I are hoping to be able to continue this collaboration with a larger-scale concerto for Lyricon and ensemble.
September, 2003

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