Study No. 393 (2007)
bassoon solo and live electronics 8’40

Using multiple layers of structures distilled from a literary source I created irrational successions of chords which were put into practice on the basis of  bassoon multiphonics as developed and systemized by Johannes Schwarz.
Another, technical, aspect of this collaboration is the element of live electronics, in this case using neither effects of sound manipulation nor pre-recorded material, the term “live electronics” being quite delusive for the latter, anyway. The live signal produced on the bassoon is being picked up in three different places of the instrument, each single signal slightly filtered for better distinction. In direct correspondance to the musical progress of the piece, those three different “colours” move seperately in space. For the listener, who will hardly be able to follow the different movings seperately, diversified and unusual ways and rooms of perception will unfold.
Study No.393 is a first intermediate result of a work-in-progress. Further results are to be expected with a certain probability.
Dietrich Eichmann, January 2009