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Study No. 403

It is tempting to deride new music; it can be difficult to grasp at first hearing and the easy way out is to be negative and poke fun at the unfamiliar sounds. But there was a wealth of new listening experience at last nightís concert staged by Edinburgh Contemporary Arts Trust, first in an exchange in the Contemporary Music European Network, featuring music from Germany and Scotland, played by the Emperor String Quartet, the NKG Ensemble from Karlsruhe, and the Scottish Electro-acoustic Music Association. Much was hard to assimilate but there was the more accessible string quartet piece, Study No 403 by Dietrich EichmannÖ As I say, itís easy to be negative; perhaps I will get to hear it again and at least the composers were there to face the music.
Evening News

Ö this concert was music-making, with freshness of voice, alertness of ear, and a determination not to take life too seriously. There were pieces with clever titles, such as Dietrich Eichmannís Study No 403, and the music mostly lived up to them.

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